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A scientist performs an experiment in which she measures four values two times each, with the following results:

(F) 0.5

(G) 1

(H) π

(J) 2π

(K) 4π

The Correct Answer

Which of the following is the greatest common factor of 36m4n3p5 and 24m2n?

(A)6m2n (B) 6m4n3p5 (C) 12m2n (D) 12m2np5 (E) 72m2n

Correct Answer: C

If -9(y - 13) = 16, then y = ?

(A) -(B) -(C) -(D) -(E)

Correct Answer: E

If 6x + 3 = 12 + 3x, then x =?

(A)6 (B) 5 (C) 3 (D) (E) 1

Correct Answer: C

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