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In the following figure, O is the center of the circle, is tangent to the circle at D,and is tangent to the circle at E.Which of the following must be true?


(G) is isosceles



(K) is a square

The Correct Answer

Amber decides to graph her office and the nearest coffee shop in the standard (x,y) plane. If her office is at point (-1,-5) and the coffee shop is at point (3,3), what are the coordinates of the point exactly halfway between those of her office and the shop? (You may assume Amber is able to walk a straight line between them.)

(F) (1,-1) (G) (1, 4) (H) (2,-1) (J) (2, 4) (K) (2, 0)

Correct Answer: F

In the following figure, what is the value of xin terms of y?

(A) 10y(B) 10y2(C) (D) (E)

Correct Answer: C

Paulette, Quentin, and Rosie each donated money to a charity. Paulette gave as much money as Quentin and Rosie gave together. If Quentin had given three times more than he gave, he would have given $40 more than Paulette. And if Rosie had given $20 less, she would have given half as much as Paulette. How much did Paulette give?

(A) $80(B) $120(C) $160(D) $200(E) $240

Correct Answer: D

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