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Which of the following is the domain of the function ?

(A) –3 > x> 3

(B) –3 ≤x≤3

(C) –3 ≤x< 3

(D) x< –3 or x< 3

(E) x≤–3 or x≥3

The Correct Answer

The circumference of a car tire is 75 inches. About how many revolutions does this car tire make traveling 225 feet (2,700 inches) without slipping?

(F) 3 (G) 14 (H) 36 (J) 225 (K) 432

Correct Answer: H

On an xy-graph, three corners of a parallelogram are located at (3, 3), (4, – 4), and (–2, –1). Which of the following points could be the remaining corner?

(A) (8, 0)(B) (8, –1)(C) (–1, 9)(D) (–3, 6)(E) (–5, 7)

Correct Answer: D

A sample of 300 jellybeans was removed from a barrel of jellybeans. All of the jellybeans in the barrel are one of four colors: red, orange, green, and purple. For the sample, the number of jellybeans of each color is shown in the table below.

Color Number of jellybeans
red 75