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It slithers through the forest like a snake curving, and bending along the banks of the river.


(B) snake, curving and bending

(C) snake curving and bending,

(D) snake, curving, and bending,

The Correct Answer

In New York City and Boston, he opened boarding houses. Residents there practiced his theories about diet and lifestyle. Which of the following alternatives to the underlined portion would NOT be acceptable here?

(A)houses where residents (B) houses; residents there (C) houses, and residents there (D) houses, residents there

Correct Answer: D

In 1928 in San Antonio, Texas, where Mendoza and her family made their first recording.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) it was there that (C) was where (D) OMIT the underlined portion.

Correct Answer: D

Whenever I tell friends about the ten years I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, I find myself focusing not on the desolate wilderness,beauty nor on the frigid arctic temperatures. But on the drastic differences in daylight hours of summer and winter.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) temperatures but (C) temperatures but, (D) temperatures: but

Correct Answer: B

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