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I was sure that girls growing up today would have more up-to-date role models and my generation's favorite sleuth would of retired to the library's dusty, back rooms.


(B) libraries dusty,

(C) libraries dusty

(D) library's dus

The Correct Answer

Producing the film long before interplanetary explorations had begun, Melies could arouse his audience's curiosity with unconstrained fantasy.

(A)whet (B) stimulate (C) awaken (D) disturb

Correct Answer: D

A major American car manufacturer, you see, found out that the name of one of its models being offered for sale in South America is a Spanish word meaning "ugly old woman."

(A)NO CHANGE (B) manufacturer, as proof (C) manufacturer (D) manufacturer, consequently

Correct Answer: C

By the mid-nineteenth century, central Manhattan, being barren of trees, creating a desolate area of swamps, hovels, and pigsties.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) Manhattan being (C) Manhattan, which was (D) Manhattan was

Correct Answer: D

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