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His whimsical style appeals to children, having chosen to eenact familiar fairy tales with canine characters.


(B) being creative enough  

(C) sometimes deciding

(D) particularly when he uses it

The Correct Answer

If you were to ask my mother what she remembers most vividly about my birth. She might tell you about the gift my father brought me while I was still in the hospital: a soccer ball.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) still in the hospital; (C) still, in the hospital, (D) still in the hospital

Correct Answer: A

You watch as each turtle then slowly, laboriously, buries the eggs, turning in circle after circle, pushing sand back into the holes with surprisingly efficient flippers.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) until the eggs are buried with surprisingly efficient flippers, pushing sand back into the holes, turning in circle after circle. (C) turning in circle after circle with surprisingly efficient flippers until the eggs are buried pushing sand back into the holes. (D) turns in circle after circle, back into the holes pushing sand until they are buried with surprisingly efficient flippers.

Correct Answer: A

After a recent mishap involving half of my travel wardrobe, my father convinced me not to pack pens in my suitcase.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) Recently, a mishap that involved (C) A recent mishap mvolved (D) A recent mishap involving

Correct Answer: A

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