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Which of the following is NOT the graph of a function ACT Math Practice Test






The Correct Answer

Greg is making a triangular sail for a boat, shaped like a right triangle and shown below.


Sail material costs $8.99 for 150 square feet. If the material can be purchased in any quantity, which of the following is closest to the cost in dollars of the material needed to fill the area of the sail as shown?

(F) $360.00 (G) $280.00 (H) $200.00 (J) $180.00 (K) $25.00

Correct Answer: J

What is the slope of any line perpendicular to the line 5x - 4y = -12 in the standard (x, y) coordinate plane?

(A)-4 (B) img (C) img (D) img (E) img

Correct Answer: C

On the number line shown below, t, u, v, w, x, y, and z are coordinates of the indicated points. Which of the following is closest in value to |w - u|?

(A)t (B) v (C) x (D) y (E) z

Correct Answer: B

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