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Which inequality best represents the following graph

(A) 1.5 > x > 1

(B) x ≤ 0

(C) 0.5 > x > 0

(D) 1.5 < x ≤ 0

(E) 1.5 ≤ x ≤ 0

The Correct Answer

If the equation for the line shown in the following graph is , what is the value of kn?

(A) 9(B) 12(C) 15(D) 18(E) 24

Correct Answer: D

If the amplitude of a trigonometric function is image the nonnegative difference between the maximum and minimum values of the function, which of the following trigonometric functions has an amplitude of 3?

(A)imagecos x (B) cos 3x (C) sin imagex (D) 3 tan x (E) 3 sin x

Correct Answer: E

If 15% of nis 300, what is 22% of n?

(F) 400(G) 440(H) 480(J) 525(K) 550

Correct Answer: G

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