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What is the midpoint of line XY if X(4,2) and Y(3,8) 

(A) (7,6)

(B) (0.5,3)

(C) (1,6)

(D) (7,10)

(E) (2,1.5)

The Correct Answer

If pq– 3r= 2, what is the value of qin terms of pand r?

(F) 2p+ 3pr(G) 2p– 3pr(H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: H

Which of the following is equal to (n– 3)2if n= 11?

(A) (n+ 6)(n– 6)(B) (n+ 5)(n– 7)(C) (n+ 4)(n– 8)(D) (n+ 3)(n– 9)(E) (n+ 2)(n– 10)

Correct Answer: B

What values of a are solutions for a2 + 2a = 8?

(A)6 and 8 (B) 0 and 2 (C) -2 and 4 (D) -2 and 0 (E) -4 and 2

Correct Answer: E

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