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"Are you going to the football game " "No.The tickets are _______ expensive for me."

(A)very much

(B)so much

(C)far too


The Correct Answer

I could not persuade him to accept it, _____________ make him see the importance of it.

(A) if only I could not (B) or I could not (C) not more than I could (D) nor could I

Correct Answer: D

The college students in China are _______ from smoking on campus because this will do them no good.

(A)discouraged (B)observed (C)obeyed (D)obtained

Correct Answer: A

Not until Mr. Smith came to China() what kind of a country she is.

(A)did he know

(B)he knew

(C)he didn’t know

(D)he could know

Correct Answer: A

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