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If , then y=






The Correct Answer

So far, a student has earned the following scores on four 100-point tests this grading period:65,73,81, and 82. What score must the student earn on the fifth and last 100-point test of the grading period to earn an average test grade of 80 for the 5 tests?

(A) 75 (B) 76 (C) 78 (D) 99 (E) The student cannot earn an average of 80.

Correct Answer: D

If a is a factor of 32 and b is a factor of 45, the product of a and b could NOT be which of the following?

(F) 1,440(G) 288(H) 80(J) 54(K) 1

Correct Answer: J

In the following figure, the circle centered at nhas a radius of 4. What is the area of the shaded region?

(A) 3π(B) 6π(C) 9π(D) 12π(E) 16π

Correct Answer: D

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