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I'd rather read than watch television; the programs seem _____________ all the time.

(A)to get worse

(B)to be getting worse

(C)to have got worse

(D)getting worse

The Correct Answer

We won’t allow any foreign country to _______ in our internal affairs.

(A)devote (B)district (C)interfere (D)wander

Correct Answer: C

If you are always ____________ to others' troubles, you won't get any help whenever you are in trouble yourself.

(A) indifferent (B) regretful (C) romantic (D) phenomenal

Correct Answer: A

Some of your suggestions have been adopted but others have been _______ as they are not workable.

(A)turned away (B)turned down (C)turned back (D)turned out

Correct Answer: B

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