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To date, a student has four test scores of 81, 87, 91, and 86. What must he receive on his fifth test to achieve an average of 88 for the five tests?






The Correct Answer

If , then n! =?

(A) 6 (B) 10 (C) 12 (D) 24 (E) 120

Correct Answer: D

Pippin the guinea pig is running on her wheel when, due to a manufacturing error, the wheel breaks free of its axis. Pippin remains in her wheel, running in a straight line until the wheel has rotated exactly 15 times. If the diameter of the wheel is 10 inches, how many inches has the wheel rolled?

(F) 75 (G) 150 (H) 75π (J) 150π (K) 1,500π

Correct Answer: J

Romeo and Juliet (both employees of We-Bug-U) each worked 15 hours and had sales of $400.00. Romeo chose Option A while Juliet chose Option (B) Which employee made more money and how much more?

(A)Romeo: $5.00 more (B) Juliet: $5.00 more (C) They earned the same amount. (D) Juliet: $25.00 more (E) Romeo: $355.00 more

Correct Answer: B

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