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A ladder is 16 feet long and reaches 10 feet up a wall. Approximately how many feet from the bottom of the wall is the base of the ladder?






The Correct Answer

Find the area of the following figure

(A) 58 sq. in. (B) 18 sq. in. (C) 51 sq. in. (D) 39 sq. in. (E) 98 sq. in.

Correct Answer: Ab

A total of f men went on a fishing trip. Each of the r boats that were used to carry the fishermen could accommodate a maximum number of m passengers. If one boat had 5 open spots and the remaining boats were filled to capacity, which of the following expresses the relationship among f, r, and m?

(A)rm + 5 = f (B) rm - 5 = f (C) r + m + 5 = f (D) rf = m + 5 (E) rf = m - 5

Correct Answer: B

How is five hundred twelve and sixteen-thousandths written in decimal form?

(A)512.016 (B)512.16 (C)512,160 (D)51.216 (E)512.0016

Correct Answer: A

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