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Which of the following inequalities describes the solution set for the inequality 25 – 6x ≥ 9?pinexam test






The Correct Answer

If point A has a non-zero x-coordinate and a non-zero y-coordinate and at least one of these coordinate values is positive, then point A must be located in which of the 4 quadrants labeled below?

(A)I only (B) I or II only (C) II or IV only (D) II, III, or IV only (E) I, II, or IV only

Correct Answer: E

Find two arithmetic means between 11 and 26 such that the difference between consecutive numbers is the same: 11,________ ,________, 26

(A)14, 18 (B) 15, 20 (C) 16, 21 (D) 17, 23 (E) 18, 24

Correct Answer: C

Simplify |3 − 11| + 4 × 23

(A)421 (B)520 (C)-10 (D)40 (E)28

Correct Answer: D

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