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What is the minimum value of 9 cos x?






The Correct Answer

Lisa has 5 fiction books and 7 nonfiction books on a table by her front door. As she rushes out the door one day, she takes a book at random. What is the probability that the book she takes is fiction?

(F) (G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: J

Greene ran the 100-meter dash in 9.79 seconds. What was his speed in km/h (rounded to the nearest km)?

(A)3 km/h (B)7 km/h (C)17 km/h (D)37 km/h (E)47 km/h

Correct Answer: D

For all values of y, which of the following is equivalent to (y + 1)(y2 - 3y + 2)?

(A)y3 + y2 - y - 2 (B) y3 + y2 + 2y + 2 (C) y3 - 2y2 - y + 2 (D) y3 - 2y2 + y - 2 (E) y3 - 2y + 2

Correct Answer: C

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