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What is the minimum value of 9 cos x?






The Correct Answer

Which of the following is NOT a factor of 4x2y4– 12x3y2– 8xy3?

(F) 2x2(G) 2xy2(H) –2y(J) 4y2(K) 4xy

Correct Answer: F

If Ryan traveled 20 miles in 4 hours and Jeff traveled twice as far in half the time, what was Jeff's average speed, in miles per hour?

(A)80 (B) 40 (C) 20 (D) 10 (E) 5

Correct Answer: C

Disregarding sales tax, how much will you save when you buy a $12.00 video that is on sale for 20% off?

(A)$0.24 (B) $0.48 (C) $1.20 (D) $2.40 (E) $3.60

Correct Answer: D

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