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Find the value of cos A if angle A is acute and sin A = 7/10






The Correct Answer

3x3·2x2y·4x2y is equivalent to:

(A) 9x7y2 (B) 9x12y2 (C) 24x7y2 (D) 24x12y (E) 24x12y2

Correct Answer: C

What is the solution set for the equation |-x| = x?

(A)All real numbers (B) x ≥ 0 (C) x ≤ 0 (D) Only x = 0 (E) Only x = -1

Correct Answer: B

An outdoor thermometer in Hanover, NH reads 70°F. The temperature in Hanover is 25°F cooler than in New Orleans,LA. What is the temperature, C, in degrees Celsius, in New Orleans?

(Note: F = C + 32)

(A)21°C (B) 35°C (C) 68°C (D) 95°C (E) 113°C

Correct Answer: B

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