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What is the inequality that corresponds to the graph? pinexam test

(A)y > 3x + 2

(B)y ≤ −3x + 2

(C)y ≥ −3x + 2

(D)y < 3x + 2

(E)y < −3x + 2

The Correct Answer

trapezoid is found by multiplying the height byIf a square has an area of 64 square units, what is the area of the largest circle that can be inscribed inside the square?

F. 4π (G) 8π (H) 16π (J) 64 (K) 64π

Correct Answer: H

When you multiply a number by 4 and then subtract 7, the result is the same as if you first subtracted 7 from the same number and then multiplied by 11. What is the number?

(F) 10(G) 13(H) 19(J) 23(K) 31

Correct Answer: F

The percent P of a population that has completed 4 years of college is given by the function P(t) = -0.001t2 + 0.4t where t represents time, in years. What percent of the population have completed four years of college after 20 years, to the nearest tenth?

(F) 0.1 (G) 7.6 (H) 8 (J) 8.4 (K) 160

Correct Answer: G

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