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The membership fees for WebFilms consist of a monthly charge of $14 and a one-time new-member fee of $16. Sherwood made a credit card payment of $100 to pay his WebFilms fees for a certain number of months, including the new-member fee. How many months of membership did Sherwood include in his credit card payment?

(F) 4

(G) 6

(H) 7

(J) 12

(K) 14

The Correct Answer

Which of the following lines is perpendicular to y = 3x + 1?

(A)f. 6x + 5 = 2y (B)4 + y = 3x (C)−9y = −3 + 2x (D)2x + y = 4 E).3 y + x = 5

Correct Answer: E

For all real values of y, 3 - 2(4 - y) = ?

(A) -2y - 9 (B) -2y + 8 (C) -2y - 1 (D) 2y - 5 (E) 2y + 11

Correct Answer: D

For the first several weeks after hiring a private tutor, Teddy's score on a standardized test increased slowly. As Teddy began to understand the concepts more clearly, though, his standardized test scores improved more rapidly. After several more weeks, Teddy stopped working with his tutor and his scores did not improve any more. Which of the following graphs could represent all of Teddy's standardized test scores as a function of time, in weeks, after he hired a private tutor?

(F) (G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: F

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