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The 8-sided figure below is divided into 12 congruent isosceles right triangles. The total area of the 12 triangles is 96 square centimeters. What is the perimeter, in centimeters, of the figure?

(F) 8

(G) 20 + 4

(H) 48

(J) 40 + 8

(K) 56

The Correct Answer

The width of a rectangular cardboard box is half its length and twice its height. If the box is 12 cm long, what is the volume of the box in cubic centimeters?

(A)72 (B) 216 (C) 252 (D) 1,296 (E) 1,728

Correct Answer: B

If 3x+ 5y= 4, which of the following is equivalent to the expression (6x+ 10y)(100x+ 100y)?

(A) 100x+ 100y(B) 200x+ 200y(C) 400x+ 400y(D) 800x+ 800y(E) 1,600x+ 1,600y

Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is equal to (n– 3)2if n= 11?

(A) (n+ 6)(n– 6)(B) (n+ 5)(n– 7)(C) (n+ 4)(n– 8)(D) (n+ 3)(n– 9)(E) (n+ 2)(n– 10)

Correct Answer: B

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