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A ramp used to access the side entrance to the DPC Candy Store, which is located 7 meters above the ground, covers 24 meters along the level ground from the edge of the building. How many meters long is the ramp?

(F) 13

(G) 14

(H) 17

(J) 23

(K) 25

The Correct Answer

In the following figure, each of the four angles in the parallelogram is as shown. What is the value of y?

(F) 30(G) 35(H) 40(J) 45(K) 50

Correct Answer: K

If , what is the value of cos a?

(F) (G) (H) (J) (K)

Correct Answer: H

Which of the following values of x does NOT satisfy the inequality |x-3|≥12?

(F) -15 (G) -12 (H) -9 (J) 9 (K) 15

Correct Answer: J

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