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A company can manufacture a product using hand tools. Tools will cost $1,000, and the manufacturing cost per unit will be $1.50. As an alternative, an automated system will cost $15,000 with a manufacturing cost per unit of $0.50. With an anticipated annual volume of 5,000 units and neglecting interest, the break-even point (years) is most nearly:

(A) 2.0

(B) 2.8

(C) 3.6

(D) 15.0

The Correct Answer

What cycle is the most efficient?

(A) Carnot (B) Brayton (C) Diesel (D) Otto

Correct Answer: A

An iron sphere with a mass of 1.5 kg hangs from a 15 cm long spring. If the spring constant is 0.75 N/m what is the period of oscillation when the sphere is pulled down and released?

(A) 3.2 s (B) 8.9 s (C) 4.4 s (D) 12.5 s

Correct Answer: B

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