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A heavy roller is held in equilibrium on a frictionless Plane AB by the force F, as shown. Which diagram correctly shows a vector polygon of the forces acting on the roller?

(A) Option A

(B) Option B

(C) Option C

(D) Option D

The Correct Answer

You must choose between four pieces of comparable equipment based on the costs and salvage values given below. All four pieces have a life of 8 years.

The discount rate is 12%. Ignore taxes. The two most preferable projects and the approximate difference between their present worth values based on least cost are:

(A) A and C, $170 (B) B and D, $170 (C) A and C, $234 (D) B and D, $234

Correct Answer: B

You are tasked with identifying where the stress concentrations may appear on a support beam. Of the following locations which will not have a stress concentration? I Near concentrated loads II. Close to discontinuities of the beam III Where distributed loads occur.

(A) II & III (B) II (C) I & II (D) III

Correct Answer: D

If a process is considered to be internally reversible and adiabatic, what can the change in entropy be assumed to be?

(A) Entropy becomes Infinite (B) Entropy increases (C) Entropy decreases (D) Entropy does not change

Correct Answer: D

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