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Holm claims at having a prairie eye, feeling uncomfortable in enclosed, mysterious spaces like the woods. He prefers the "magnitude and delicacy" of the open prairie.


(B) to having

(C) to have

(D) by haying

The Correct Answer

He had lonely developed an unorthodox approach over years of effort, first in his home state of Texas and then in Los Angeles, where he was routinely snubbed by older musicians. The best placement for the underlined word would be:

(A)where it is now.

(B) after the word approach.

(C) after the word years.

(D) before the word effort.

Correct Answer: D

Within they're policy that's plenty of room for discussion, and editors have to be ready to argue spiritedly for their choices.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) our policy their is (C) that policy theirs (D) that policy there’s

Correct Answer: D

Patches of salt forming on our faces and arms as our sweat evaporated into the August air.

(A)NO CHANGE (B) would form (C) form (D) OMIT the underlined portion.

Correct Answer: B

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