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△ABC, shown below in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane, is equilateral with vertex A at (0,w) and vertex B on the x-axis as shown. What are the coordinates of vertex C?

(A) (w,0)

(B) (w,2w)

(C) (w,w)

(D) (w,2w)

(E) (2w, w

The Correct Answer

Points E, F, and G are collinear. Point H is a point not on EG. If the measure of ∠GFH is 64°, then what is the measure of ∠EFH ?

(A)26° (B) 58° (C) 64° (D) 116° (E) 296°

Correct Answer: D

Given the pair of equations A = 6C + 4 and B = –3C – 5, express the value of A in terms of B.

(A)–2B – 6 (B)2B – 6 (C)–2B + 6 (D)3B – 1 (E)2B + 6

Correct Answer: A

Which of the following expressions is equivalent to image?

(A)3x - 7 (B) 3x - 5 (C) 3x - 3 (D) 3x - 1 (E) 1

Correct Answer: B

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