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Which of the following are not an intensive property? Pressure Velocity Volume Density Kinetic Energy

(A)I, II & III

(B) IV & V

(C) I, II & IV

(D) III & V

The Correct Answer

How much heat is dissipated when a current of 15 amps passes through a 4 ohm resistor?

(A)3,075 btuh (B) 900 btuh (C) 2,700 btuh (D) 9,300 btuh

Correct Answer: A

A copper ball that is 1.5 m in diameter has a temperature of 100C. The environment is at 0C. If the emissivity of copper is 0.15 how much power is radiated by the copper ball?

(A) 6 w (B) 5,264 W (C) 500 W (D) 1,164 W

Correct Answer: D

An 18 wheeler has a mass of 28,000 kilograms when fully loaded. The truck goes from 0 to 90 kilometers per hour in 120 seconds. What is the force on the 18 wheeler due to acceleration?

(A)1.08 kN (B) 15.82 kN (C) 10.71 kN (D) 5.83 kN

Correct Answer: D

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