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What is the gauge pressure of at a point that is 15 meters below the surface of water that has an atmospheric pressure of 14.7 PSIA?

(A)147,150 pa

(B) 150,000 pa

(C) 147,250 pa

(D) 147,000 pa

The Correct Answer

Find the slope of the line defined by: $latex y=2x^5 + 3x^4 + 2x^2 + 3x + 1$

(A)$latex m = 2x^6 + 3x^4 + 2x^3 + 3$ (B) $latex m = 10x + 12x^2 + 4x^4 + 3$ (C) $latex m = 10x^5 + 12x^4 + 4x^2 + 3$ (D) $latex m = 10x^4 + 12x^3 + 4x + 3$

Correct Answer: D

A company can manufacture a product using hand tools. Tools will cost $1,000, and the manufacturing cost per unit will be $1.50. As an alternative, an automated system will cost $15,000 with a manufacturing cost per unit of $0.50. With an anticipated annual volume of 5,000 units and neglecting interest, the break-even point (years) is most nearly:

(A) 2.0 (B) 2.8 (C) 3.6 (D) 15.0

Correct Answer: B

A plane intercepts the coordinate axis at (4,6,10). What are the Miller indices for this plane?

(A) (2,3,5) (B) (15,10,6) (C) (-4,-6,-10) (D) (10,6,4)

Correct Answer: B

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