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How much heat is dissipated when a current of 15 amps passes through a 4 ohm resistor?

(A)3,075 btuh

(B) 900 btuh

(C) 2,700 btuh

(D) 9,300 btuh

The Correct Answer

An iron sphere with a mass of 1.5 kg hangs from a 15 cm long spring. If the spring constant is 0.75 N/m what is the period of oscillation when the sphere is pulled down and released?

(A) 3.2 s (B) 8.9 s (C) 4.4 s (D) 12.5 s

Correct Answer: B

Which of the following statements is FALSE when concerning the hot working of metal?

(A) Produce a fine grained product (B) Removes strain hardening (C) Combines of annealing and cold working (D) Decreases the density of the metal

Correct Answer: D

Your credit card has a nominal interest rate of 18%. If the interest is calculated monthly, what is the effective annual rate?

(A)19.0% (B) 18.5% (C) 19.6% (D) 20.1%

Correct Answer: C

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