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A spaceship leaves the space station with an acceleration of 15 ft/s2. After 3 minutes the engines turn off and the acceleration is 0 ft/s2. What is the average velocity of the spaceship?

(A)81,100 ft/s

(B) 1,350 ft/s

(C) 243,000 ft/s

(D) 2,700 ft/s

The Correct Answer

A piston inside a cylinder undergoes an isentropic compression with the following values.
$latex p_1= 4.57 \frac{N}{cm^2}$

$latex p_2= 34.07 \frac{N}{cm^2}$

$latex V_1 = 257 cm^3$
If the specific heat ratio (k) is 1.4, What is the compressed volume?

(A) 61.2cm3 (B) 30.5cm3 (C) 90.4cm3 (D) 257cm3

Correct Answer: B

What is the natural frequency of a body that has a period of oscillation of 2.7 seconds?

(A) 2.7 s (B) 0.75 s (C) 2.33 s (D) 4.65 s

Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are not an intensive property? Pressure Velocity Volume Density Kinetic Energy

(A)I, II & III (B) IV & V (C) I, II & IV (D) III & V

Correct Answer: D

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