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A tube that is 10 feet long and 2 feet in diameter is placed in an air stream. The flow of the air is at a speed of 15 ft/s and is perpendicular to the long axis of the tube. If the coefficient of drag is 1.3 and the density of air is 0.075 lbm/ft3 What is the drag on the cylinder?

(A) 150 lbf

(B) 200 lbf

(C) 320 lbf

(D) 220 lbf

The Correct Answer

What would the annuity be over a 20 year period that has an interest rate of 10% and a present worth of $500?

(A) $58.75 (B) $42.55 (C) $8.51 (D) $ 63.75

Correct Answer: A

A plane intercepts the coordinate axis at (4,6,10). What are the Miller indices for this plane?

(A) (2,3,5) (B) (15,10,6) (C) (-4,-6,-10) (D) (10,6,4)

Correct Answer: B

The magnitude(N) of the resultant of the three coplanar forces, A, B, and C, is most nearly:

(A) 7.0 (B) 7.8 (C) 9.2 (D) 10.3

Correct Answer: A

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