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A group of dog pulls a sled across a snow covered surface. It takes 5 hours to pull the 200 kg sled 100 kilometers. If the static friction is 0.4 and the dynamic friction is 0.1 what is the average power exerted by the dog sled team?

(A) 1,067 W

(B) 5,333 W

(C) 3,84 kW

(D) 266.8 W

The Correct Answer

What is the oxidation state of Carbon in Carbonate (CO3-2)

(A) -2 (B) 4 (C) 1 (D) 2

Correct Answer: B

What the standard units used when using the Reynolds Number?

(A) ft/s2 (B) centipoise (C) kg/s (D) None

Correct Answer: D

A company can manufacture a product using hand tools. Tools will cost $1,000, and the manufacturing cost per unit will be $1.50. As an alternative, an automated system will cost $15,000 with a manufacturing cost per unit of $0.50. With an anticipated annual volume of 5,000 units and neglecting interest, the break-even point (years) is most nearly:

(A) 2.0 (B) 2.8 (C) 3.6 (D) 15.0

Correct Answer: B

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