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Rectangle ABCD lies in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane with corners at A(4,2), B(6,-1), C(1,-4), and D(-1,-1), and is represented by the 2 × 4 matrix . ABCD is then translated, with the corners of the translated rectangle represented by the matrix . What is the value of n?

(A) 0

(B) -1

(C) -2

(D) -3

(E) -4

The Correct Answer

In the figure below, AC is the diameter of the circle, B is a point on the circle, AB is congruent to BC, and D is the midpoint of AC. What is the degree measure of angle ABD?

(A)30° (B) 45° (C) 60° (D) 90° (E) Cannot be determined from the given information

Correct Answer: B

A right circular cylinder is shown below, with dimensions given in inches. What is the total surface area of the cylinder, in square inches?(Note: The total surface area of a cylinder is given by 2πr2 + 2πrh, where r is the radius and h is the height.)

(A)3π (B) 5π (C) 6π (D) 8π (E) 11π

Correct Answer: D

If the value, to the nearest thousandth, of cos α is -0.385, which of the following could be true about α?

(A) (B) (C) (D) (E)

Correct Answer: B

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