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Whenever x and y are both integers, what is (6.0 × 10x)(5.0y × 10y)expressed in scientific notation?

(F) 30.0 × 100xy

(G) 30.0 × 100xyy

(H) 30.0 × 10xy

(J) 3.0 × 10x + y + 1

(K) 3.0 × 10xy

The Correct Answer

In the qualifying rounds for a race, Rusty and Dale drive their cars around a 6,000-foot oval track. Rusty and Dale each drive 8 laps in the qualifying rounds in lanes of identical length.

Dale drives 6 laps in 90 minutes. At what average rate, in feet per hour, does Dale drive these 6 laps?

(A) 400 (B) 5,400 (C) 10,000 (D) 24,000 (E) 48,000

Correct Answer: D

In ΔJKL the measure of ∠J is exactly 37° , and the measure of ∠K is less than or equal to 63°. Which of the following phrases best describes the measure of ∠L ?

(A)Exactly 120° (B) Exactly 100° (C) Exactly 80° (D) Greater than or equal to 80° (E) Less than or equal to 80°

Correct Answer: D

If image and a, b, and x are integers greater than 1, what must x equal?

(A)11 (B) 154 (C) 252 (D) 1,134 (E) 3,528

Correct Answer: C

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